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Energy-saving thermal break casement window with screen

energy-saving thermal break window with
energy-saving thermal break window with
  • The classical integrated window with screen has high-end and elegant look. Its glass sash use outward opening way, and the inward sash screen can open independently when glass sash is opened. It’s firm, durable, anti-mosquito, anti-theft, with good ventilation effectiveness.

  • The “diamond” mesh screen adopts the European standard groove design, can fitted with European standard groove hardware. The outward window sash can be assembled with chain or hinges, with strong universality.

  • The “diamond” mesh screen and the glass sash are controlled respectively by different handles, easy to be processed, operated, disassembled and cleaning.

  • The outwardly opened sash assembled with external handle which makes it more durable and elegant. Assembled with detachable security net which provide more protection for children. Reinforcing stainless steel wire mesh screen, promoting anti-theft property.

  • The sash, frame and mullion are sealed separately with glazing bead.

  • Fashionable and elegant, suitable for private houses and villas.

GRGYJZ128A: 作品集
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