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Inward and outward integrated casement window with screen

inward and outward integrated casement w
inward and outward integrated casement w
  • Classical sash-in-sash window with screen design. Integrated security anti-theft protection by “Diamond” (mainly made of stainless steel) wire mesh. Film and durable, with good ventilation effectiveness. Hinges hidden and inward tilt and turn window design provide better impermeability.

  • Innovative single handle sash window with screen design. The glass sash and the “Diamond” screen sash are both controlled by one single handle, with simpler and more elegant outlook, easier control and lower cost.

  • Hinges hidden and inward opening way with better impermeability and without destroying the integrity outlook of window.

  • Fashionable and elegant, suitable for private houses and villas.

GYJZ55: 作品集
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