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Heavy hinged hidden bi-folding door

heavy hinged hidden bi-folding door (1).
heavy hinged hidden bi-folding door (2).
  • The latest upper and bottom supporting structure has better load-bearing quality. It’s more stable and smooth if used with high-strength stainless steel sliding rail.

  • The innovative hinge hidden structure provide better impermeability, enable the hinges to be hidden when closed and the whole folding door looks more elegant.

  • The hinge hidden structure is inside the profiles, avoid sash transformation problem of sash profiles when opened or stressed. It’s easier to install and can distribute stress more evenly.

  • Special rubber sealing structure guarantees better air and water tightness.

  • High-strength stainless steel wire mesh screen guarantees better anti-mosquito and anti-theft functions.

  • Customized opening modes, like 440, 422, 431, 321, etc.

  • suitable for residences, private villas, office building, etc.

KSZD68: 作品集
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