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Lift & Sliding door

lift & sliding door (1).jpg
lift & sliding door (2).jpg
  • Big opening angle, simple construction and easy assemble.

  • The perfect integration of hardware, sealing rubber and profiles solve the sealing, dust-proof and sound insulation disadvantages of traditional sliding series. It has good sealing, waterproof and sound insulation functions.

  • The frame are assemble by 90°, convenient and simple. The sashes are assembled by 45°, firm and durable.

  • Having good anti-theft function by using security net. Even in ventilation state, it can still be anti-theft.

  • Double paralleled extra-heavy pulleys has better load-bearing quality, and smooth in push and pull without noice.

  • Low track design provide no-barrier passage, looks more elegant and fashionable, safe and convenient, easy to clean.

  • High-end and elegant, suitable for balconies or lobbies of luxury residences, hotels and villas.

GR140K: 作品集
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